Does God Write in Code? (Post From 2009)

I just finished listening to a Tech Nation Interview with Greg Bear on IT Conversations (April 29th 2003). About 22 minutes into the interview they start talking about some research done at Harvard on the human genome. They are finding large strings of letter combinations that are arranged like palindromes. This is significant because the repeated information at the end mirrors the information at the front end so that the string is self correcting if any errors in duplication occur. It is also relevant because it signals the beginning and the end of a sequence of information. The beginning and the end of a transmission.

It is hard not to notice the similarities to the Biblical method of signalling the beginning and the ending of a segment of narrative or prose called chiasm. The Bible was written in a day before the invention of paragraph indentations and sentence markers. In fact there were not even spaces between the letters of the text. They way the authors indicated where a story began or ended was by shaping the elements into a chiasm.

This is also similar to tags in HTML tags which open and close a sequence of commands. Could it be that this very simple way of marking the beginning and the end of a transmission of information is written into the fabric of everything? Could it be evidence that a mind much like our own was coding messages into the universe itself. Something to look into. Incidentally there I just discovered a site which talks about chiastic structure called in the beginning dot org.

Can we draw any conclusions from this? No. But it's pretty darn interesting.  And it would be nice to think that the similarities between the two examples of intelligent coding in human communication the pattern in our DNA reveal a type of divine coding.

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