Faith, In The Worlds of Marvel

Some Christians may be surprised, but within the Marvel Universe there are Christian characters - and their faith is not presented like the butt of some joke. Consider some recent films.

Aunt May's faith came across in the first Spider-Man movie, When Norman Osborn discovers that his enemy Spider-Man is actually his son's best friend - Peter Parker. He is instructed by his alter ego - the Green Goblin, to attack Peter's heart. His Aunt May. Here we see her praying for Peter with a picture of him and her now deceased husband Ben.

Steve Roger's faith also comes across in Captain America's skepticism towards Black Widow's comment, about the Asgardian's status, as possible gods - in the first Avengers film. "There's only one God ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that."

Likewise, the mutant, Nightcrawler is also a man of faith, and it's an integral part of his origin story - this was told in the second X-Men film. Here you even see an example of him sharing his faith with Wolverine, one of the most cynical and walled off members of the X-Men, in the X-Men animated series from the 90's.

Some Christians may choose to nit-pick and find a reason to dismiss the significance of this, or to cast it in some nefarious light. But the important thing to notice here is not the depth or accuracy of the character's theology - but that these are respected characters - so their faith is not presented as something to be mocked or easily dismissed.
I don't expect comic books to teach my faith, that's not their job But when they portray a world where there is a place for sincere belief - I believe it's important to acknowledge the service they do to making the real world a place where civil discourse is possible in our culture. Can we realistically expect anything more?

3/15/2018 UPDATE

Thanks to J.D. Wofford, for pointing out a glaring oversight in the comments.

I forgot to include Daredevil in this list of Christian characters in the Marvel Universe. How could I have missed that. I love the Netflix series. My only excuse could be that I binge watch the episodes when they drop and since I haven't watched it recently Netflix was not at the front of my brain when I was thinking of these examples.

Matt Murdock (Daredevil,) is another Christian character in the M.U. who spends his days trying to help people as an attorney - and his nights doing all the other stuff that attorney's can't do - does he ever sleep? As a good Catholic he struggles with the kinds of decisions he is confronted with. Many times his inner struggle is revealed to us through his visit to the confessional. Here is such a scene from the awesome Netflix mini-series. 

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