The Rising Conservative Nightmare Reaches the University of Wisconsin

What the HELL is going on in the world today? A recent article in the Washington post says that the University of Wisconsin is planning to drop 13 of its majors including English, philosophy, history, sociology and Spanish — while adding programs with “clear career pathways” as a way to address declining enrollment and a multimillion-dollar deficit (read here).

By itself this just looks like an asinine decision which will can only result in the fall of UoW's ranking of Colleges, and which should probably result in it losing its accreditation. But this is not just an isolated bad decision. it's the outgrowth of the current nightmare being visited on the whole world by rising and misguided - so called - "Conservativism."

If you ask me, what's wrong with colleges, its their attempt to cater to the corporate world. Just the opposite of what conservatives think is the problem. When it comes to college degrees, businesses are looking for the wrong thing. It takes a long time to earn a degree - much longer than any particular trend in the job market. Businesses shouldn't be looking for fully trained people to emerge from our Universities. They should be looking for broadly intelligent and highly adaptable people who can take on a variety of roles. College degrees have lost their value because of overspecialization.

The way to restore their value of a college degree is not more specialization, its to restore the classic degrees' original breadth. To cultivate people, not cogs. Don't train them to simply work, teach them to think.

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